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An Adventure in Time and Space

DVD Cover.  The main image is David Bradley as William Hartnell as Dr Who in front of the Tardis with a 1960s BBC Camera pointed at him.  The back includes images of Sacha Dhawan and Jessica Raine as Waris Hussein and Verity Lambert, The Doctor and Susan at the Tardis console, and the Daleks on London Bridge.

DVD Cover in the style of the 1965 Doctor Who Annual.  Painting of the David Bradley first Doctor in front of the Tardis with a Mondasian Cyberman, Dalek and Menoptera in the background against painted yellow mountains.  Mountains continue on back cover.
So I selected the "An Adventure in Space and Time" DVD cover primarily because Sacha Dhawan*, but then I spotted that the reverse of the cover had this rather charming 1965 annual cover pastiche. So you get both as this week's random Doctor Who Picture.

*If you don't know why Sacha Dhawan and are interested in Doctor Who, go away and watch Spyfall and then come back.

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Orphan 55

Orphan 55 is interesting, at least in so far as my particular corner of the Whoniverse seems to be equally divided between people who loved it, people who hated it and people who were kind of `meh' about it. I'm in the `meh' camp which is possibly the least interesting place to be.

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Weirdly, despite thinking this is probably the weakest Thirteenth Doctor story (maybe? I dunno, I wasn't all that taken with The Ghost Monument either), overall I'm still enjoying series 12 more than series 11.

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I am very fond of the Lord of the Rings movies (bear with me, I have a point), but I have a strong suspicion that the movies I am very fond of are not the movies that Peter Jackson made, but something with similar visuals and acting choices but which hew closer to the books.

I have a similar feeling about Spyfall. I liked it a lot, but I suspect the Doctor Who story I like is not actually the one that Chibnall made.

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It has been remarked in several places that Doctor Who seems a lot more confident this season. I have the same feeling as well, but I'm not sure its true. The show did some very daring stories last season so I wouldn't describe it as lacking confidence. What this season does seem to be serving up, which we didn't see a lot of last season, is spectacle and set-pieces that seem to be designed, at least in part, because they are either crowd- or fan-pleasing and ideally both. Series 11 was frequently quite serious about what it was trying to do. Series 12 seems to have decided to have a bit more fun.

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1950s Rose

Paper Rose Doll in her pink 1950s outfit with motorcycle helmet.

This looks better than I expected given I had to alter the shoulder tabs so I could actually bend them (the Rose doll underneath has fairly big hair which was getting in the way). Also, halfway through cutting out the head I realised the large white spaces at the bottom were probably there to cover said "big hair" - so on the right the hair is covered (kind-of) and on the left it isn't, but I don't think that's really noticeable at first glance.

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