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12 December 2018 @ 08:39 pm
Reading: Just finished After the Dinosaurs, moving on to Ninefox Gambit.

Listening: Still mostly Doctor Who podcasts, particularly now Radio Free Skaro have started their advent calendar.

Watching: Grimm mostly, though we did show the Teenager the first episodes of Blakes' 7

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11 December 2018 @ 09:18 pm

Fifth Doctor Paper Doll wearing stripes trousers and cricket jumper but not the coat.  The Fourth Doctor in his Talons of Weng-Chiang outfit stands next to him

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01 December 2018 @ 02:17 pm

Cover for DWM Issue 81.  A still from Shada showing three exaggeratedly aged people in silver outfits.  Below is an inset image of the Fourth Doctor and Romana and the Captions 'Shada The Story you Never Saw!' and 'Behind the Scenes Pictures, Interviews and Features'

Sometimes I see a DWM cover and wonder about the chain of reasoning that made someone think this, of all the images available, was the one most likely to make some random member of the general public pick the magazine up off the stand. Then I'm slightly charmed that either someone thought this, or someone felt that the cover image need only appeal to die hard fans.

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30 November 2018 @ 07:28 pm

B on the left almost silhouetted against the sunset photographing standing stones.
One of the avenues leading to Avebury at Sunset with bonus B. committing serious photography (in contrast to me and my iPhone)

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28 November 2018 @ 07:56 pm
Reading: Both After the Dinosaurs: The Age of Mammals by Donald Prothero and Ninefox Gambit by [personal profile] yhlee mostly because although the former is above the latter in my "to read" pile, Prothero has a habit of getting a bit list-y in places and only really perks up when it gets an opportunity to denounce those who think mass extinctions are caused by asteroids.

Listening: I upped my podcast selection in order to listen to reviews of the latest Who season, so was adding Radio Free Skaro, This Week in Time Travel and The Ood Cast to my list. That was a bit much so I've dropped This Week in Time Travel mostly because I prefer the more free-flowing presentation style of Radio Free Skaro and The Ood Cast is worth it for the songs (and sometimes for the comedy sketches).

Watching: Doctor Who which I will no doubt finally get around to reviewing long after it has finished showing. In general though I'm feeling about this much as I felt about the Eccleston season. A couple of standout episodes, but a lot of the stories, particularly those written by the show runner, leave me a bit cold - I mean, I can see why the people who love them love them, but they are not really my sort of Doctor Who.

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27 November 2018 @ 08:04 pm

Paper Doll of the Fourth Doctor in his outfit from Talons of Weng-Chiang, complete with deerstalker
This is not so much a disaster as the last Fourth Doctor outfit, partly because I have not cut out the card between the legs. Even so you can see some bits of scarf showing through.

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26 November 2018 @ 08:50 pm

B. in a deerstalker, with a magnifying glass, reading the rules

B. got me the Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective boardgame for my birthday. He had to buy it second hand and for reasons that are not entirely clear the vendor threw in a toy deerstalker, magnifying glass, and fake pipe. The magnifying glass actually proved quite useful - neither of our eyesight is what it was.

We kind of beat the first case. In that we figured out the solution but were confused by some of the details...

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24 November 2018 @ 02:40 pm

Several comic panels.  A woman in a dark and white panelled dress is throwing hoops at a fairground stall.  The Fifth Doctor thinks he recognises her and chases her into the Ghost Train.

This is from the second issue of DWM I ever had. I still remember the excitement of realising whoever was writing the Dr Who comic was as Dr Who literate as I was. From my viewpoint now, I'm slightly surprised that I recognised that as a potential image of Zoe and wonder where I had seen Zoe's similar outfit before, or was it just the hair?

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23 November 2018 @ 07:25 pm

Grass, a grassy bump, sky.
Windmill Hill again.

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