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05 December 2010 @ 03:39 pm
Silly Meme  
A. Turn on your MP3 player or music player on your computer.
B. Go to SHUFFLE songs mode.
C. Write down the first 15 songs that come up—song title and artist—NO editing/cheating.

1. No Matter What - Andrew Lloyd Webber
2. In Paradisum - the Choir and Monks of Farnborough Abbey
3. Dies Irae - Mozart
4. Good Company - Queen
5. Wham Rap! - Wham!
6. Like A Prayer - Madonna
7. Theme: Largo (Variations on a Theme of Chopin) - Rachmaninoff
8. Sid - Fascinating Aida
9. Engima: Andante - Elgar
10. I'm in Love with my Car - Queen
11. The Spanish Lady Sings - Sirinu
12. Don't Let My Baby Ride - Isaac Scott
13. As - George Michael
14. Cantina Band - John Williams
15. The Council of Elrond - Howard Shore

From which I think you can only conclude that I have a penchant for 80s pop and Classical Music.

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