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08 May 2019 @ 09:21 pm
Reading: Charles Bentall: A Life of Industry and Integrity in which a distant relative of mine will turn out to be responsible for Vancouver. At least so I believe. He's not been born yet so I don't actually know, nor am I entirely clear in what way he is responsible for Vancouver though since, I gather, he was an architect, I assume he designed bits of it.

Listening: Have discovered two new (or in one case old) Doctor Who book podcasts, The Oncoming Storm and Fiction Paradox. Both have shows that take well over an hour (sometimes over 2 hours in the case of Fiction Paradox) which feels a little excessive for a podcast that exists primarily to summarise the plot of a book so I'm not entirely certain I'll stick with them.

Watching: Fruits Basket (an anime in which a school girl ends up living with people inhabited by the spirits of the zodiac who turn into said spirits if hugged by members of the opposite sex) and Golden Kaumay, a self-consciously educational anime about life on Hokkaido at the turn of the last century (I strongly suspect this is going to turn out to feature animal spirits).

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