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10 June 2019 @ 07:57 pm

Long haired woman holding the head of a Pepper robot in a pose reminiscent of the classic `Alas, poor Yoric' pose.
[twitter.com profile] ShefRobotics bought a Pepper robot to Cheltenham Science Festival as a telepresence demo. Sadly it wasn't quite up to the wear and tear endless school parties can inflict and something went wrong with its neck joint. It's head was duly removed to see if it could be fixed, with the inevitable consequence for photo ops.

Also this week, there was a meme that involved googling yourself+doctor who and picking the first gif that appeared. It must be said I added "gif" to the search terms in order to avoid getting lots of my own Random Doctor Who pictures and ended up with the below which amuses if nothing else.

Leela looking resigned and fed up.

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