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The Dalek Invasion of Earth was much better than I had expected though I'm not quite sure why it was I expecting it to be a disappointment. It's one of those stories that feels like it was heavily influenced by people's experiences in World War 2. The scenes set in ruined London, with the resistance holed up in the tunnels listening to Dalek propaganda on the Radio have a sense of grounded reality to them that Doctor Who (particularly the Doctor Who of the sixties) rarely attains. In general, as well, the whole story looks like money has been spent on it (which I assume, as the much anticipated return of the Daleks, it had), with a large cast, loads of extras, and several action sequences which all helps.

It's also a pretty fast moving story (for the time, obv). I'd somehow thought it was longer than 6 episodes which may have helped my relief that events kept moving. Even when it slows down - a lot of the journey from London to Bedfordshire - it keeps the viewers interest with some excellent character moments, particularly the Doctor's group as it adapts itself around the growing romance between David and Susan (not too in your face, but much better handled and foreshadowed than many companion romances). That said, Susan still gets pretty short shrift, once again in a role that seems to mostly involve panicking and spraining her ankle. Vicki is so much better than this that one does wonder if the production team felt that some mistakes had been made with the character.

I was more moved than I had expected to be by the Doctor's decision to leave Susan behind, particularly the moments before he enters the Tardis as he stands their clutching her broken shoe.

Of course this was later remade as the Dalek Invasion Earth 2150 movie starring Bernard Cribbins. It was odd to see some scenes replayed almost exactly - and the resemblance between the two Dortmuns was uncanny. I wasn't sorry to use to lose the comedy sequences in the Dalek flying saucer, however. While the movie has a glossy technicolour exuberance, I think I may have liked this more measured and sombre version better.

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