July 10th, 2019

Blakes' 7

Reading, Listening, Watching

Reading: Silver Phoenix by Cindy Pon which went on my "to buy" list a long time ago when Pon was vaguely active in some LJ groups I frequented, I then dropped it from my list following a hugely negative review by Winterfox and put it back on when the general pattern of Winterfox's reviews was made public. It is, so far, so YA fiction (not my favourite genre). I'm not very far in however and it may pick up as events unfold.

Listening: Well today it was In our time on Lorca, Lazy Doctor Who on the Abominable Snowman part 1, and Sticky Notes on a Bruckner symphony (number 9? maybe?).

Watching: In the absence of Tame Layman, the teenager and I watched several episodes of Blake's 7. She is much enamoured of the costumes (and Servalan has yet to put in an appearance). The last episode we watched was The Web which is the first B7 episode I haven't watched multiple times and so was new to me (I mean, I probably saw the last half* of it when it was first transmitted but I have no memory of that).

* I missed the first half of all Blake's 7 season 1 episodes as a child because they clashed with a ballet lesson.

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