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24 November 2012 @ 11:10 am
Primeval:New World - Sisiuti  
I can see why people feel this is a weaker episode, but I still found lots to enjoy.

Although it's only a little thing I appreciated the fact that this episode took the time to make the point that Dylan had tried to officially alert the authorities and been slapped down for it - though, of course, if Evan hadn't hidden the evidence in his freezer it might be a different story. But there is now a moderately plausible reason for every member in this anomaly team to be keeping the anomalies secret.

I wish I was confident that the presence of native Americans in this story illustrates the way the Canadian setting allows the show to tell stories that wouldn't work as well in the UK setting, but I have a nagging concern that the writers of the show may know no more about native Americans than I do. I did like the way that it was the scientist character who gave serious credance to the myth of Sisiuti and did so within an explicitly scientific world view, while the rest of the protestors completely dismissed the myth as nonsense.

I was less keen on the way the anomaly was being used simply to disgorge a cool monster without any real attempt to link it back to some prehistoric creature or period.

I did roll my eyes when Mack informed Evan that he and Dylan "had chemistry" - talk about signalling relationships with the subtlety of a sledgehammer. Besides which I'm not convinced they do have a great deal of chemistry. And before anyone asks, no I'm not seeing Evan/Mack either. If anything I'd say this anomaly team look much more like a set of co-workers without obvious romantic entanglements.

This wasn't a horrible episode by any means, but the core monster-of-the-week story didn't really have a lot going for it beyond a lot of running about. The show probably needs this to be seen as one of the weaker episodes if it is to gain any real success.

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