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31 December 2012 @ 10:32 am
PNW: Clean Up on Aisle Three  
I can understand the desire to return to a standard Monster of the Week format after the upheavals of Undone, but this episode was largely disappointing which was a shame.

In particular, this is the first time in the series where the anomaly team have come across as basically incompetent. There were moments in Undone, specifically sending Toby off on her own, where they didn't really seem to be thinking things through. This was happening again here both when the groups split up, but their general ability to lose items of equipment, and their frequent failure to keep to a good look out was also irksome. Up until now I'd been impressed by the show's ability to create tension without having the central characters behave like fools. I also felt that the small dinosaurs were a little too intelligent to be believable.

I did like the way Mac was brought back into the team though. In particular I liked the way it was handled not via some big speech or significant moment, but simply by the need to get on with the job and the need to make decisions himself when there was no one else around to argue with.

The interactions between Leeds and Ange were also very nicely done. Leeds remains probably my favourite character on the show. I'm intrigued by what will happen next week when, presumably, the military arrive. I find it hard to believe that the show wants to move away from the semi-amateur set-up so soon, but also find it hard to see how they will detach military involvement in a believable fashion, once it has become involved. Presumably we will find out soon enough.

I'd say this was very much a filler episode. It clearly had a place to play in the overall character arcs but it struck me mostly as an attempt to re-establish the "business-as-normal" feel both after the events of Undone and, presumably, before what I assume will be fairly major changes next episode.

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