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19 September 2007 @ 07:31 pm
All Change  
So today we had a productive project meeting in which we realised that large parts of our approach were probably wrong. While this doesn't mean all the work I've done in the past year designing and implementing the AIL agent programming language was pointless its going to be put to rather different uses than originally intended and in a much simplified form.

Meanwhile, if it works, the new solution we've got for the problem we are supposed to be addressing is going to be much simpler and far more elegant than AIL. I'm not terribly sorry to be losing AIL, despite the work, since it was beginning to look like something of an unweildy behemoth and the new solution is largely my idea but I do feel incredibly exhausted and, frankly, like I've drunk too much coffee (can't think what the cause of that could be).

Possibly foolishly I've said I will produce a prototype for the new solution by next Friday (this being a reflection of how simple it really will be if it works). Watch this space.