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09 February 2015 @ 09:36 am
Birna van Riemsdijk (TUD) wint ICT-Prijs 2014  
I got an email from Birna (University of Delft) yesterday to let me and a couple of other people know that she had won the Dutch Prize for Research in ICT 2014. This was for work on socially adaptive software - the idea being that software systems that are integrated into our personal lives need to obey not only legal rules imposed at national and international levels but the various personal and family rules and systems that vary from person to person and family to family. She's been looking at ways to allow people to state these personal and family rules and then to get the software to actual conform to them.

Birna and I (together with Michael Fisher and Koen Hindriks) have worked on a couple of papers where we tried to build a formal framework in which a logic-based agent programming language could obey rules provided "at runtime" rather than put in place beforehand by a programmer. This is only a part of the work that she's done on socially adaptive software but it is nice to feel we helped make a contribution towards her prize.

The award notification is in Dutch and, although I have been attempting to teach myself the language via Duolingo*, I'm nowhere near good enough to provide a translation.

*which is almost worth it for the entertainment value of the surreal sentences it uses to teach alone.

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