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23 June 2016 @ 11:18 pm
Throwback Thursday: Arthurian Pilgrimage 1993  

There has been considerable interest on Facebook in ladyofastolat's booklet made for the 1993 Arthurian Pilgrimage. I cut said booklet up and incorporated it into my photo album, so some pictures of the album seemed appropriate for Throwback Thursday.

ladyofastolat's thoughts on Arthur's Quoit were my favourite in the whole booklet. As she says, it was the perfect Arthurian Pilgrimage site and, to an extent, the photo I took there is the quintessential Arthurian Pilgrimage phot.

I recall that John Matthews had visited the society the previous term and given a talk in which he spoke of how tourists stole mystic energy from the land, constrasting them to Arthurians who returned mystic energy to the land. Sir Bors had the virtue of taking such things seriously but always being very silly about the things he was serious about. Hence his chosen mode for returning mystic energy to the land.

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