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26 June 2016 @ 04:09 pm
Weekly Notebook  
Monday: Attended poorly attended meeting of the Robotics and Autonomous Systems group. Made particular note of the non-attendance of the group member who was instrumental in organising the meeting. Met with minion who is producing documentation for the Lego Rovers Android app. Realised I should try to get the app website live before entering a public engagement competition that TPTB want me to enter.

Tuesday: Attended a surprisingly poor talk from an experienced academic.

Wednesday: Made post-Cheltenham inspired changes to Lego Rovers Android app. Emailed screenshots to minion. Went to lunch with B.

Thursday: Met with marketing about creating a banner for the Lego Rovers and was pleasantly impressed with them. Attended an extremely interesting talk from Mykel Kochenderfer on how POMDPs (a jargon term I introduce here entirely because I like the way it trips off the tongue when pronounced pom-dee-pee (as it generally is)) are forming the basis of new mid-air collision avoidance software in aircraft. Voted. Went to bed after the Newcastle count was in because I figured I could see which way this was going and wanted to do some work on Friday. B waited up until the London votes started coming in, somehow kidding himself that these meant Remain would win.

Friday: Despite getting plenty of sleep, completely failed to do any work. Walked with G to the hairdressers for us both to get a hair-cut during which she explained (without apparent irony) how much she likes the weather in Manchester.

Saturday: Volunteered at Parkrun and enjoyed watching a very enthusiastic first timer crossing the line in great excitement after 45 minutes of running. G. went to a sleepover, so I made brownies and we watched Deadpool. B thought G should watch it, I think G would find it embarrassing and would disapprove of the swearing.

Sunday: B. away to a thesis defence in Barcelona, though there was a nasty moment at the airport, I gather, where it looked like they couldn't find him on the system and he eventually had to pay an extra 15 euros over the phone to the plane company.

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