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27 September 2016 @ 03:59 pm
Linky Links  
Why Britain should play the long game with its Brexit strategy
It is depressing to think that any chance we may have of remaining in the single market probably depends on the rise of far right parties across Europe.
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The civil service must keep calm and carry on with Brexit – but can it?
Interesting, though I would say clearly biased, viewpoint from a former civil servant.
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Robots versus immigrants: which group would “steal” the most British jobs?
Included largely because this is such an obvious question to ask/link to make and yet it had never occurred to me before.
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How can we engineer our cities to protect against the threats of the 21st century? | CityMetric
Included for the entirely unremarked upon factoid at the end that Manchester is the most "resilient" of the 12 cities they looked at. In other respects this reads a bit like a piece of marketing for city analysis and design services.
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Theresa May committed to introducing 'Alan Turing law' and pardon gay men convicted of 'gross indecency' | The Independent
I was always rather uncomfortable with the campaign to have Alan Turing pardoned. The use of the service he rendered to the country as part of the argument suggested that, in some sense, his service compensated for his homosexuality when, in fact, the argument should have been that the conviction was unjust irrespective of Turing's actions and service. I felt that if a pardon were given it should be given to all those so convicted so I'm glad to see steps now being taken in this direction.
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How much more trouble will the three Brexiteers cause for Theresa May?
The article makes the point that Davis' remark about the improbability of the UK remaining a member of the Single Market is very much considered as obvious by most in Westminster. I'm surprised that Boris' remark that Article 50 will be triggered early next year isn't considered equally obvious given what I understand about the timings of various electoral cycles. Still, as a remainer, I at least can enjoy watching the Brexiteers getting told off.
- - - - -

Rise in 'freebirthing' suggests women feel midwives and doctors are ignoring their needs
Complicated thoughts around this one, including both the observation of the well-known effect that over-rigid adherence to safety procedures can have the negative effect of essentially driving people away from them altogether and that, while I have no complaints whatsoever about my treatment in hospital when giving birth, the experience didn't bear a great deal of relation to the "woman-centric" birth-plan specific story we'd been told in ante-natal classes.
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Removing gender bias from algorithms
Interesting both from a machine learning point of view and from the point of view of how language can reinforce stereotypes.
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