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05 October 2016 @ 08:08 pm
Reading, Listening, Watching  
Reading Still The Silent Stars go By. I'm enjoying it more than The Story of Martha - it's a good solid Doctor Who tale. Because deinonychus_1 asked, I'd say it was a good but not spectacular story for Rory. He's separated from the Doctor and Amy and getting to have his own adventure and he's very much in character, but I wouldn't say he's had any punch the air in excitement moments.

Listening: The Doctor Who Book Club Podcast talking to Graeme Burk and Robert Smith about their "Who is the Doctor" episode guide. I'm almost tempted to buy it because it sounds like a more restrained version of the About Time series, even though I feel I probably have enough Doctor Who episode guides in the house.

Watching: Mostly short things, mostly Doctor Who and Lupin III episodes. We've been dabbling with Daredevil and iZombie but haven't yet felt we really need to seriously watch them.

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athene: rory sexydeinonychus_1 on October 6th, 2016 06:08 pm (UTC)
Ooh, I'll try to bump that book up my to-read list, then. I'm currently mostly reading a historical fiction series set in Roman Britain, but I suspect the DW is a book that won't take more than a few days to finish so I could read that when I'm having a break between Roman books. :-)