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01 January 2008 @ 06:25 pm
Since everyone seems to be posting them:

1. Find a way to get more exercise. I've no idea what I weigh, but I feel larger than I did this time last year. It is a question though of finding a way to fit exercise round commuting. There is no time in the morning so its going to have to eat into my bedtime reading time I think.

2. Drink less by buying less alcohol.

3. Actually follow the list of "things to do before I go to bed" stuck to the fridge.

4. Write a grant.

5. Submit papers to ProMAS, ASE and TPHols.

6. Start writing fanfiction again.

7. Start cooking one new recipe each week (probably on a Saturday when there is time) - there are at least four cookbooks on my shelves now that Iook interesting but which I've never cooked anything from.