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03 May 2018 @ 08:55 pm
Throwback Thursday: Experiments with a New Camera  

A page from my photo album.  At the top is the handwritten heading `Trying out my new camera inherited from Uncle John'.  Underneath is a picture of me in a highly floral shirt and jeans standing under a tree next to it the caption says `The Timer'.  There are two cut-out photos of a very fluffy cat, one next to a caption `The Flash'.  There is a photo of my sister walking downstairs.  Lastly there is a photo of a vase  of roses, a blow of plums and a blue glass bottle.  This is captioned `The Award Winning Bottle from 15 North Parade + Apologetic Roses from *name blurred out to protect the guilty*

At some point in 1991, I inherited a camera from my Uncle John which was of considerable better quality and more sophisticated than the one I had had since age 8. It required focusing and, if I remember correctly, adjustment for light levels. I continued to use this camera until the late 90s when I briefly gave up taking photos at all for no real reason that I remember. When I started taking photographs again I moved on to a digital camera.

The cat in question is the previously mentioned Blake, the Liberal Cat. I exercised my democratic rights today which included voting for [personal profile] hollymath (in fact I was pleased to nominate [personal profile] hollymath, though I was slightly bemused why two Liberal Democrats had to schlep around to my house to get me to sign the form when surely there were plenty of people who would have been equally capable and closer).

I have no idea why the bottle was award-winning, nor why KL needed to apologise with roses.

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