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09 May 2018 @ 08:21 pm
Reading, Listening, Watching  
Reading: Queen Emma and the Vikings recommended, I think, by philmophlegm. It's attempting to be an approachable historical textbook about Queen Emma (mother of Edward the Confessor and much more besides) though, at the moment, I'd say it was grappling rather with the lack of much concrete evidence from the time.

Listening: Some time ago I got invited onto the University of Liverpool podcast (to talk about AI and Ethics) and I've listened to it on and off ever since - any time the subject seems interesting or someone I vaguely know pops up on it. It's an idiosyncratic thing. The host is Canadian and lives in Canada (which seems an odd choice for a podcast show-casing a UK university) and its remit to cover University of Liverpool research makes it naturally rather eclectic. I find it surprisingly listenable though, given its is such a localised concern.

Watching: Still haven't managed to see Infinity War but G. and I did manage to watch two more episodes of The Good Place. B. has cried off it since it didn't really grab him and G. promptly went and binge-watched the lot on Netflix leaving me feeling a little at sea, but she's offered to rewatch the rest of it with me.

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