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18 August 2018 @ 05:09 pm
Random Doctor Who Picture  

William Hartnell stands on the left, there is a boy who may well have freckles and buck teeth standing next to him in school blazer, and a woman on the right with a 1960s bob cut and white polo neck jumper.  Hartnell and the woman are jointly holding a white sheet of paper and staring top right looking frightened/concerned.  The boy just looks really happy.

According to the caption in DWM, this is William Hartnell on Junior Points of View in 1964. The boy in the middle is Stephen Qualtrough from Liverpool and the woman is presenter Sarah Ward. I've no idea if Points of View is still a thing (Wikipedia tells me it still is) - there certainly was no longer a junior version when I was growing up, but I recall both Barry Took and later Ann Robinson presenting viewers' letters and sometimes BBC responses from my teenage years.

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