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04 November 2018 @ 02:35 pm
Link Round Up  


Interesting and thoughtful spin on the Sophia nonsense https://t.co/N5Ylb7cGsK
— Louise Dennis (@louiseadennis) October 28, 2018

Our two #SpaceApps Exeter winners ICA #teamsquid @and Valiant @Valiant_VR have updated their project pages - go have a look at their awesomeness! https://t.co/DUFyqjXI0u and https://t.co/bTbutGZKDr
— Space Apps Exeter (@spaceappsexeter) October 29, 2018

I'm currently offering a funded PhD place (for a UK/EU student) in Assurance of Machine Learning Enabled Systems ( https://t.co/PGnVswr060 ). Please forward to anyone who might be interested.
— Louise Dennis (@louiseadennis) October 29, 2018

Nice to see the AV Lab as a case study in the @LivUni_CompSci research brochure ( https://t.co/9q6ebTrXaQ), focusing on our work with the @RAIN_hub, @ORCA_Hub, and @FAIR_SPACE_Hub.

It also mentions the Centre for Autonomous Systems Technologies #CAST ( https://t.co/c0IMX2AYFH) pic.twitter.com/WbKSrB0Z6n
— LivUni_AVLab (@LivUni_AVLab) October 29, 2018

dress code pic.twitter.com/ZXGHmt2vsj
— RΛMIN NΛSIBOV (@RaminNasibov) October 27, 2018

Listed as one of 100 women in AI and Ethics. Impressed by the company I’m keeping! https://t.co/goRtpBKNyx
— Louise Dennis (@louiseadennis) October 29, 2018

Really productive meeting!! https://t.co/zB1DhhQbfu
— Louise Dennis (@louiseadennis) November 1, 2018

Fascinating thread. https://t.co/WVYlblkcvf
— Bigtitch (@bigtitch) November 3, 2018

Locked out of something important on my computer because I can't remember my favourite band.

Who knew "ability to hold strong and enduring opinions about music" would be such a business critical skill.
— Matt Edgar (@mattedgar) November 2, 2018


The Randomiser: The Green Death I review the Green Death

Random Neolithic Stuff on a Friday King Arthur's Round Table in Cumbria

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