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18 February 2019 @ 07:13 pm
Children with Lego Robots  

A girl and a boy, both standing.  A Lego Robot has just reached the girl's feet while the boy operates the control pad.

Two inquiries about Lego Rovers have come from primary schools in Huyton in the past week. There is obviously some kind of Teacher whisper-network there that has just found out about me. My best guess is that I ran an after school club session in a high school out there last term and the primaries have found out about it somehow or it might be the primary school in Widnes I'm visiting next month who found out about me because of the sessions we ran at Speke Hall in the summer.

Mind you, this picture is from a school in West Derby that I visited last week. The are trying out a "challenge" I set them where they have to see how close they can get the robot to each without actually touching - made more difficult by the fact that control of the robot is on the Earth-Moon communications delay.

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