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27 April 2008 @ 06:21 pm
Resolutions Post  
1. Find a way to get more exercise

Current weighted moving average weight: 9st 9lb (however my weight has been pretty unvarying for 5 days now, so I'm not sure why I'm bothering to calculate a moving average!)

Exercise: Monday (cycled to station), Tuesday (exercised at home), Wednesday (none), Thursday/Friday (exercised at home), Saturday (ran with claraste, Today (none).

2. Drink/buy less alcohol.

Alcohol bought: 1 bottle wine.
Alcohol opened: 1 bottle wine, 1 bottle beer, whatever was opening when gaming on Friday. I didn't keep track.

3. Do list of "before bed" actions pinned to fridge.

As usual. Bag packing done well. Dishwasher not so good.

4. Write a grant.

No progress.

5. Done.

6. Done.

7. Try a new recipe each week.

Nothing this week and looking at our diaries this is going to be pretty variable for the next few months. It will only be happening when we are both at home and aren't juggling too many other commitments.