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19 April 2008 @ 08:25 pm
Traveller Diary: Session 38  

Of the three men dirtside, Giles and Anton have left no credit trail after withdrawing cash at the space port. Jacques however has made several withdrawals. The team agree that Giles will be the easiest persuaded but the hardest to find.

The team are to stay at the residence of Gretchen Berkingen, the outgoing Trilon CEO. They get calling cards made up with their contact details, including a time for contacting Robert (indicating when he would be available for telepathic contact). These cards can be imprinted with the message "Antares Job Offer". Appropriate clothing will be supplied. Robert smuggles down Clarence and takes his hand twanger.

The team arrive on TriXi at 9am on the 10th June. TriXi has two suns and a day that lasts 72 hours. At 9am on the 10th June it is late in the TriXi afternoon. The team purchase GPS units and and in ear communication devices. They are collected from the starport by a chauffeured car and driven to the house. Their rooms all contain six changes of clothing. They are warned that the local maps are rather behind actual development.

It is agreed that there are two places of interest: the doss-house and the cash machine. Andi and Miho imprint message on cards and put them in envelopes. Robert telepathically pings the area for 10 minutes but picks up nothing.

Their driver is called Jim. He drops them off close to the doss-house. Despite questioning the man at the desk they draw a blank, the receptionist doesn't really remember Giles, Anton or Jacques. Instead the team go to the cash-point Jacques used. Robert recalls that Jacques was a gambler. Jim suggests he remain within calling distance. He certainly looks like he'd be good in a fight. Miho patina reads the cash machine and discovers someone was murdered there. She collapses. Abandoning the cash machine the team begin to canvas the local establishments.

In the Blue Lagoon Robert samples a local alcohol called Poison Arrow which he reports tastes vile before rapidly heading to the loo with legs feeling a little wobbly. Once he gets back he reports he feels mildly euphoric. He orders another so he can take a sample. Meanwhile Miho and Andi decide to place an ad on the local news service. One that will be picked up by anyone with a keyword search on the names of the three men. It mentions Komiko and gives their contact details. The bartender in the Blue Lagoon doesn't recognise Jacques but suggests they try the Flaming Salamander.

Robert becomes fascinated by small flying creatures that look vaguely like beetles. He sets about purchasing equipment to catch them.

The bartender at the Flaming Salamander has seen Jacques and expects him after work. He mention that Jacques owes money. Robert asks about catching amphibians. The team agree to return later. Jim observes it will be dark by then and gives Andi a pistol. He instructs the team to call him before they leave and he will pick them up from outside the front of the Flaming Salamander. They are not to leave by the back. He will also patch himself into the team's communicator loop. Robert remains outside theoretically on look out but actually trying to catch insects. Andi eventually observes an oriental looking man enter. He talks to the bartender who indicates her and Miho. At this point the man leaves. They contact Robert who scans the man. He is thinking "what shit has Jules got into - goons all over the place". Robert confirms that the image of Jules in the man's mind is Jacques. Jim agrees to follow the man on the condition Miho and Andi catch a taxi which they do without incident.