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12 September 2008 @ 01:47 pm
Secret Kitchen  
There is a secret kitchen at work which is, in fact, right next door to the office I've occupied for the past two years (which is a sad indictment of my lack of curiosity and general tendency not to open doors to see what's on the other side of them). The kitchen contains a sink and a superior coffee machine and its existence appears to be known only to the PhD students on my floor of the building (and the cleaning staff who have, apparently, an arrangement with the PhD students not to lock them out of the kitchen). I only know about this because the RA (who I now dub SecretCoffeeDrinker) with whom I share my office used to be a PhD student here and he just (after a year of sharing the office) asked me if I wanted to go to coffee with everyone and then revealed the kitchen where I had a very pleasant cappucino with him and three other PhD students.