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22 August 2008 @ 08:40 am
Traveller Diary: Session 41  

The team plan the contact with Giles due later that day. Giles is a powerful psionic so, after some discussion, Andi puts together a stun jab which can knock Robert out if it looks like Giles is trying to fry his brain. They agree to start out assuming everyone is friendly. If things begin to look fishy Robert will try to locate Giles and Andi and Miho can then contact him by phone. Miho tries to scan for changes in electro-magnetic fields during the session (by this means she establishes that telepathy has no electro-magnetic signature).

At the right moment Jacques' eyes glaze over. Robert can hear Jacques talking to Giles. Jacques says "I'm with Andi and Bob and Miho."... "I'm sure".... "No, no, no.".... "Yes it's my idea. They want to know if you want to work for him"... "With me now."... "Now, right now.".... "In this room, yes."... "Bob wants to talk to you."... "OK, OK". His eyes brighten up and he tells Robert that Giles is willing to talk.

Robert works out that Giles is a couple of hundred KM east. Robert outlines the current situation. Giles thinks that Hiro sold Komiko out. In particular he thinks that Hiro distracted her mentally while a security team knocked her out. Giles says he wants to come in but is concerned that Hiro might be monitoring their conversation. He says to tell Jacques that they should meet at rendezvous two at midday tomorrow. Jacques is a little vague about this message but thinks that rendezvous two is the monorail station.

The team contact Antares to talk through the logistics. There is considerable concern about the security team on TriXi. In particular, the fact that there is no one really in charge of security at the moment means that the actions of the team on TriXi are essentially deniable. The value of a contract with Information is thus not as strong as it might be. Antares decides to despatch a Information crack security squad led by his 2iC who rejoices in the name of Delilah Quasar. Andi arranges for the exact time and location of the meeting to be sent to Antares securely encrypted. They tell Anton to be at the residence at 11am and get Jim to plan a route to the monorail station. They agree to rely on speed rather than secrecy and to use the presidential limousine since this will carry everyone if necessary. After some persuasion Robert agrees to surface mind-read Jim while the rest of the team explain the plan, Jim has some private concerns about Security intervention but no apparent plans to cause trouble. Just in case Andi also monitors communications in and out of the residence. Miho sweeps the car for bugs.

A certain amount of paranoid second-guessing of what the Security team might do takes place.

At 11am Anton has not arrived. It is agreed that the plan can not wait especially since there is a chance Anton has contacted Hiro. The team wire Antares to say Anton has missed the rendezvous and set off. Jim observes that they are being followed but, some fast driving later, he manages to lose the tail. They arrive at the monorail early so continue round the block to prevent any potentially unspotted tail having much time to actually intervene at the station. At five to midday Andi and Robert set off for the central concourse. Miho, Jacques and Jim wait in the car. They link up with Giles, dressed as a workman in a donkey jacket. Giles signals to Anton, who it appears has been on the upper level. A train comes into the station and a small entourage disembark surround a woman in non-Trilon clothes. She is six foot tall with long blonde hair. Giles identifies her as Delilah. Andi contacts Miho and Jacques and tells them to get to the concourse.

Everyone embarks onto Delilah's train. Robert keeps scanning just in case. Once at the spaceport the party are rushed through to the executive lounge where they wait for the executive shuttle to be refueled. At this point Miho spots a figure slipping away through the crowd. It is a tall figure, dressed in civvies, with dark hair. She thinks that it is Antonio. She doesn't react but let's Robert and Andi know when they are in private once again.