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01 December 2008 @ 09:32 pm
The Secret of the Stars  
Still catching up...

Well that ultimately seemed very throwaway.


It was still a better story than The Last Sontaran but I've watched enough telefantasy now to simply roll my eyes when forces from before the dawn of time/another universe whose physics is different from our own put in an appearance and this particular force from before the dawn of time wasn't actually doing anything terribly interesting. The only reason the dawn of time had to be invoked at all, really, was to avoid suggesting that astrology works, so as MacGuffin's go I wasn't terribly impressed.

Anjli Mohindra as Rani and her parents were probably the best part of these two episodes. In particular, I was relieved that her father hasn't turned out to be the comedy head-teacher antagonist he was threatening to be in Day of the Clown. It is also nice to see Sarah Jane in a less combative relationship with Rani's mum than she was in with Maria's - though Rani's Mum still seems to suffer from what might best be termed "Nu Who Mum syndrome". It doesn't help that Mina Anwar, who plays Gita, is probably the weakest actor of the three. The Rani character seems to fit in well with the team, however, and has a bit more of an independent edge to her than Maria did.

Russ Abbott was not as bad as he might have been.

All in all it was OK but I don't think this will ever be in the running for best story of the season.