Louise Dennis

24 November
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I have a variety of web presences. I'm purplecat and annariel_dw on DreamWidth and louisedennis and annariel_lj/lsellersfic on Livejournal. This journal is a mirror of purplecat on DreamWidth. I'm @louiseadennis and @legorovers (Public Understanding work) on twitter.

I'm a Computer Scientist but I'm also fairly active in fandom, particularly Primeval and Doctor Who fandom.

Doctor Who and book reviews, academic and personal stuff tends to happen here (personal stuff is normally friends locked), more creative stuff (writing, recs and graphics) tends to happen at annariel_lj. The division is, of course, arbitrary and is based on the assumption that while most of my friends are quite interested in talking about the latest episode of Doctor Who, they are less interested in reading fanfic or looking at icons.

If I've added you to my reading list there is absolutely no obligation to friend back. If you friend me and I don't think I know you I'll take a look at your blog and I'm quite likely to friend you back (my flist has yet to reach unmanageable proportions and I prefer two-way conversations) unless your blog consists entirely of short personal posts or no posts at all. If I know you but it may not be so easy to tell who you are just from looking at your blog, you might want to drop me a comment with your identity.